Join the movement and make 2020 your year

We are looking for organisers and participants

In 2020 we will hold events in Portugal and Germany. Where will you be and which role do you want to play?




Join the Unite Games team and help organise the next events!

We are now working on the next Unite Games events and recruiting new team members for our team. Our vision is for Unite Games to be a platform which helps people raise awareness for causes through sports. We have plans for multiple events in 2020, besides our open call for spontaneous new event applications.

We are looking for help on:

  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Logistics
  • Cause ambassadors
  • Sports ambassadors

These are volunteer positions, in an exciting international team of change-makers.

Applying to be part of the team: if you are interested in being part of the team or hosting your own Unite Games event, reach out to the team leaders Nuno Carneiro ( or Elias Faethe (

Let us know already

Sign up for your interest and we will inform your about others joining for your cause.

Participation is open to anyone, professional athletes or sports enthusiasts alike, as long as you are willing to sweat for a greater cause. While applying, you can choose which cause you will be playing for. 

Stay up-to-date

Fill in your details, and we will keep you informed about the latest developments, when you can sign up.

We are also happy to tell you more about the event, what you can do to support it and everything else, you want to know.