Inspiring the world for mutual understanding through sports

Last event: August 16-17 2019, Bremen, Germany
Next events: 2020 Bremen and Portugal

Sports is one of the strongest mediums to spread a message – make it a meaningful one!


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About the Unite Games

Unite Games is purpose focused version of sports competitions like the Olympic Games. Our mission is to inspire the world for unity and mutual understanding through sports. The concept is that each participating team will represent a cause (e.g. Climate Action or LGBTQ Rights) and each team is composed of participants with different backgrounds/gender/ethnicity, instead of the typical all men/ all women teams representing nations. Unite Games is a team sports event. Each team unites behind a different cause. A cause they find worthy that all team members show their effort, sweat for it, go to their limits and beyond. The teams will participate in different sports: football, relay running, swimming and basketball.

The goal of the Unite Games is showing the worthiness of joint effort for a greater good.

One Team = One Cause

Climate Action

Refugee Support

Pay Gap

Plastic Ban

Economic Equality

Child Protection

LGBTQ Rights

Your Personal Cause


The 2019 edition of the Unite Games included four different types of sports, which were selected based on their ease of access and popularity: 

1. Football

2. Basketball

3. Running Relay

4. Swimming Relay

Each team member can chose to participate in all or only selected sports.

At the right you see past agenda. For the next editions we will focus on a single day, or even just an afternoon. Stay tuned to hear more.

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